How Does A Dishwasher Work

We use dishwashers to clean plates and pans, but how does a portable dishwasher work? While it’s become a staple in many homes around the world, few are familiar with the process. In this guide we’re going to explain how does a dish washer work, because while there are differences they follow the same general […] Read more »

Choosing A Kitchen Faucet

When choosing a new kitchen faucet there are many options. The kitchen faucet used to be merely a means to access water to the sink. But today there are a large number of styles available to the consumer that are based on functionality, color and material from brass, to stainless steel. When choosing a kitchen […] Read more »

Air Gap

Keep An Eye On Your Dishwasher Air Gap   Have you noticed your kitchen dishwasher air gap lately? This device is that thing that is usually attached to your sink or countertop. It looks like a small upside down cup with vent holes and it is part of the plumbing. In the event that your […] Read more »