Why is My Toilet Running

The constant sound of running water coming from your toilet is one of the most irritating issues that you can deal with in your home. When you hear this sound you realize that there is a problem and water is being wasted and is costing you money. Over time it can build up to a substantial amount of wasted water and money. This is a problem that requires attention and soon. But the bigger question is “Why is my toilet running?”.

Why Is My Toilet Always Running

On a conventional toilet, once you turn the flush handle, this lifts the chain on the flapper, releasing the water in the tank and allowing the toilet to flush. The flapper then closes and water starts to fill the tank. The water filling the tank raises the float on the fill valve to its set level. Once the float reaches the set level it stops and the water filling the tank stops filling. So, the question is: why does it sound like water is constantly running or why does my toilet keep running?toilet keeps running

Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Running

  • Problem with the flapper
  • Problem with the fill valve or fill tube
  • Water level is set incorrectly

Problems With The Toilet Flapper

Over time, the flapper can begin to deteriorate or accumulate buildup on the under side which affects its ability to seal properly. If the flapper is not sealing, water can seep out of the tank which in turn lowers the level of the water in the toilet tank. When the water level inside the tank drops even a slight amount, this triggers the fill valve to begin to fill the tank with water to replace the quantity of water lost by the defective flapper. The fill valve will continue to add water until the float rises back to its set level. This is one way in which the toilet will continue to run randomly or constantly. Here is a short video of a DIY flapper replacement.

Note: If you have a clogged toilet happening at the same time as you are experiencing a clogged shower drain, this could be a sign of a clog or blockage further down the line in your sewer main. This is a because both the toilet drain line and the shower drain line feed into the main sewer line of your bathroom. So, if the clog is affecting both drains, it usually means that the main sewer line is clogged. This type of drain clog should be handled by a professional drain specialist. If you are experiencing these symptoms or any other problems with plumbing & drainage, please call Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists immediately at 941-575-7324.

Toilet Fill Valve Problems

Sometimes the problem of a cycling toilet can be found in the fill or flush valve. When the valve is installed properly with the float set at the proper level, the toilet should work fine. But over time, fill valves can go bad and will need to be replaced themselves. The fill valve or fill tube works to control the mechanics of the incoming flow of water into the toilet tank.  

With a running toilet, it is best to have a professional examine the toilet to evaluate the exact cause of the problem and find out why the toilet keeps running. Call Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists to have us check out and evaluate your constant running toilet and we will have it working properly in no time. Call Protek your top rated Port Charlotte plumbing company today at 941-575-7324

Toilet Overflow Valve Problems

Sometimes the fill valve keeps running. At the top of the flapper assembly is a tall tube called the overflow valve. This tube is usually higher than the water level in the toilet tank when the float on the fill valve is set correctly. However, if the float is set too high and the water level is too high,  just enough to trickle over the top of the overflow valve, your toilet will be in a constant state of fill as the fill valve will always be filling and the excess water will be flowing over into the overflow valve. Another type of water running in the toilet.

A visual inspection of the inside of the tank will give you an idea of where the problem is occurring. Of course, it’s always best to have an experienced plumber to examine the toilet to determine the reason for the randomly or constantly running toilet and be able to repair the toilet on the spot.

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If you need a professional plumbing contractor to evaluate and repair a toilet always running, regardless if it is running occasionally or constantly, contact Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists, your Port Charlotte Plumber in Port Charlotte at (941) 575-7324 or call a Punta Gorda Plumber at (941) 815-3037