Sewer Cleaning – Main Sewer Line Clog

With regards to drain clogs, a blocked sewer drain is one of the worst. This is a clog in the main sewer line that all of the other drain lines feed into from their respective locations. A blocked  sewer drain will cause a backup in some or all of the other drain lines in the home. Usually, the first sign of a main line clog is when a clogged toilet begins to cause a back up in the shower or another drain creating a sort of cause and effect within multiple plumbing fixtures.

The top 3 signs that you may have a blocked sewer drain are as follows:

  • A toilet flush causes water to backup in a shower or tub drain.
  • Running water in the faucet nearest to the toilet creates bubbles or an increase in the water level in the toilet.
  • Running your washing machine causes an overflow or backup in your toilet, shower or bathtub.

Signs of a Clogged Main Sewer Line 

  • sewage coming up shower drain
  • bad smell coming from your drains
  • multiple drains backing up
  • sewage backing up in tub
  • sewage coming up from bath drain
  • water coming up from shower drain
  • toilet water backing up into shower
  • sewage backing up into shower
  • water coming up through lowest drain in house
  • floor drain is backing up
  • plumbing backing up into shower
  • toilet and shower backed up
  • water backing up into tub and toilet

How to clear a blocked sewer drain

This type of clog will require immediate attention by an experienced professional plumber.

sewer cleaning port charlotte flAt Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists, we have extensive experience with all types of drain clogs, drain cleaning and sewer cleaning. We have the latest technology to diagnose the problem and clear the main sewer line.  Using a video drain line inspection camera to locate the precise location of the blockage, we then flush out the system and the blockage with our high powered water jetting (hydro jetting) sewer cleaning equipment to safely, correctly and effectively clean out the drain and restore the drain system of your home.

We are your 24 hour emergency plumber in Port Charlotte and the surrounding communities of SW Florida. We are always available and we are waiting for your call.

Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists has the newest drain cleaning and video inspection equipment available and the experience to handle any drain problem. Also with our Sewer cleaning and Drain Cleaning, we offer a 5 year Warranty on most drains. Regardless of the drain problem, we have the technology and experience to take care of your drain and any related drain or sewer clog issues.

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