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24 Hour Emergency Plumbers Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists are ready to take care of your plumbing problems as we are your plumbers Punta Gorda FL. No matter what the problem is or when it happens, Protek is here to provide Emergency Plumbing services. Don’t let plumbing problems ruin your day, we have qualified professional plumbers ready to quickly and professionally, evaluate and handle the problem.

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Plumbing problems seldom occur at a convenient time. Drains can become clogged simply because of continued use over time, or other factors including foreign objects, scale build up on the interior walls of the drain pipes or possibly a crack in the drain pipe that has allowed a root system to enter and cause the clog. In addition, the type of water that we have here in Southwest Florida affects the water pipes over time and can lead to pinhole leaks in copper pipes. These leaks may cause flooding beneath the concrete slab, extensive water damage and much more. The need for an experienced plumber seems to never end. If you have any type of plumbing issue, drain clog, water leak or other, please call Protek Plumbing immediately at 941-575-7324.

Services we offer:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Services
  • Drain & Hydro-Jetting Services
  • Hydro Jet Drain Clean and Descaling
  • Video Location Services
  • Leak Detection Services
  • Main Line Sewer Cleaning & Repair
  • Professional Repiping
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Fixture Repair & Replacement
  • Slab Leak Services
  • Repair, Replacement- Water Closet, Bathtubs & Disposals
  • Underground Well System Services
  • Pipe Leaks & Sewer Line Repair

Over 35 years of experience and we are family owned and operated.  We are ready to serve you!

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Plumbers Punta Gorda FL


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