Do I Have A Blocked Sewer Drain

How To Identify A Blocked Sewer Line

What is a blocked sewer drain and how do I know if I have one? Having a sewer drain blocked can be a hassle, and avoiding drain services can lead to numerous undesirable effects. In this article we will investigate how to identify a blocked sewer drain and discuss the best options for curing the problem of a blocked drain, including drain services.

What is a Blocked Sewer Drain?

A blocked sewer or mainline drain is a pipe on your personal property which has become clogged with waste or outside debris. Sewer drains are unique to each house, maintenance of the drain is the responsibility of each homeowner. There are a variety of factors which can lead to a blockage and can range from excessive toilet paper, irregular flushing, and even natural occurrences such as underground burrows or freezing.

How Do I know if I Have a Drain Blocked?

A sewer drain blocked is generally identifiable by waste not being disposed of properly. Either your toilet will be slow to flush or it will be consistently backed up. You may also notice a foul smell on your property which can also be caused by a blocked drain.

What Happens if I Ignore a Blocked Sewer Drain?

Ignoring a blocked sewer can not only cause frequent flooding in your bathroom, it can also lead to flooding in your yard. Catching a blocked drain early can generally minimize the total financial impact that it can or will have on you and your family.

How do I Clear a Blocked Sewer Drain?

The best method of clearing a blocked sewer drain depends on the severity of the drain blocked. It is recommended to diagnose and solve the problem correctly the first time to avoid creating any additional problems. You will most likely need to contact your local provider of sewer line drainage services. They will be able to diagnose the issue and decide either to use an industrial drain snake or if the drain build up is severe, they may use a high pressure water jetting machine to thoroughly clean out the line.

Drain Clog Options

The drain services required to clear the drain blocked on your property will vary based on the severity of your blocked sewer drain. Your local drain services provider may be able to use a commercial snake to clear a blocked sewer drain. In some cases, a trench may need to be dug around your sewage pipe to clear a drain blocked. At times, this cost can be high, but the price of ignoring this issue can be even higher.