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Water pipe leaks are can be a major disaster to your home. The biggest challenge for most homeowners or business owners is realizing that they have a leak and then locating or being able to detect the leak. One of the most damaging water leaks is the slab leak. A slab leak is a water leak in a pipe, usually a leaking copper pipe, that occurs under the concrete floor slab in your home. Many older homes were built with copper pipe lines that were installed under the concrete slab. With time, these underground pipes can begin to have pinhole leaks. These pinhole leaks, though small, can create a lot of damage over time as the leaking water begins to pool up through the slab into your home.

Leak Detection Servicing

Being aware of the signs of an under slab leak can help you to know what to do and help you to solve the problem. A professional plumber or a leak detection specialist can detect the leak and be able to evaluate the situation and determine the best solution.

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