Leak Detection and Prevention

leak detectionPeople who have experienced the pain of a water leak in the past know the headache and hassle of trying to clean up the mess, let alone worry about the expensive repairs. Most likely if you were interested in this article, you have previously experienced a water leak.  Unfortunately in our society we usually need to experience a problem before we will take the means to implement prevention measures for such disasters.  The fact is that a water leak can be prevented and we will take a look at some cost-effective options.

It is a good idea to do what you can to protect your home from potential water damage. Damage from water leaks can create a big problem for hardwood floors. Water damaged hardwood floors usually must be replaced and the same is true for carpeting. In some instances water leaks are not covered by home insurance policies, and almost always flood damage is not. The worst part about a water leak is repairing and cleaning, in addition to restoring and replacing the damaged floors and parts of the household.

Water Leak Detection and Prevention

There are a few articles out there about different types of water leak prevention options which usually begin with detection for leaks. Here is an easy to understand summary of the different options:

1.  Simple Leak Detector

  • A device that is placed in an area of your home where you think water damage could occur, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or washing machine room.
  • This product sounds an alarm when it’s sensors detect water or moisture.
  • You will have to stop the leak yourself as this device only alarms you of the leak.
  • Pricing for this device is between $15 and $99.

2.  Device Specific Leak Detector

  • This detector is attached directly to the water supply of a refrigerator, washing machine, etc…
  • The device may sound an alarm when a leak is detected or it may not.
  • The device will automatically shut off the water supply to that specific unit.
  • Cost usually ranges from $99-$399 per unit.

3.  Complete Water Detection and Auto-Shutoff System

  • A complete leak detection system for your entire house.
  • The water sensors are situated at potential leak locations through out the home.
  • Your main water supply is shut down if any one of the sensors detects a leak.
  • The more expensive models may include notification services to text you or your home security company when a leak occurs.
  • Pricing ranges from $199 to $999

What would you do if you found out that you had a plumbing emergency in your home?

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