When Should I Call an Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

emergency plumbing repairWhen issues arise at home, the first common step is to try to fix the plumbing problem on your own. Many homeowners are well experienced in basic repairs and others are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) experts who only need a basic guide downloaded from the Internet. However, when your plumbing starts to break down, you might want to skip the DIY moments and call on an emergency plumbing repair service instead.

Don’t take this the wrong way; after all, there are times when plumbing issues are simple enough to handle on your own. However there are times when the professionals should be called and here are a few examples listed below:

When A Pipe Busts and Water is Flowing Out

If the kitchen faucet breaks down, you can clog it and then repair it on your own with a new faucet replacement. However, when water lines suddenly burst open you’ll need to call an emergency plumbing company as soon as possible because that water won’t stop flooding in.

Pipes are very sensitive and need extra care when repaired. Most of them are interconnected throughout the house so adjustments on one end could result to disastrous results somewhere else. Add in the fact that water is constantly pumping out of the current bust, you’ll need to act fast.

Professional emergency plumbers can repair this issue quickly. They’ll know how to stop the flow and replace the broken pipe. They can also help make sure the issue doesn’t happen again. The best that you can do for the time being is to turn off the water main and clear the flooded room before the water builds up any further, damaging your property.

Damaged or Leaking Gas Lines

When people think of plumbers they often think of repairmen handling toilets and water heater tanks but they are also the authority when it comes to your home’s gas lines. When you see or smell gas leaking then without a doubt you should immediately call on emergency plumbing services.

Detecting where the leak is can be difficult. Often times you won’t be able to spot it just by smelling. Professional plumbers will have the proper tools to detect the gas pipe problem and to check how serious the damage is.

Repairing the damage also requires a professional plumber. They are the only ones with the sufficient tools to remove, thread, and replace a gas line without causing further leakage. They are the safest solution.

Remember that gas leaks can lead to suffocation, poisoning, and multiple fire hazards. Never try to handle these problems on your own.

Water Heater Leaks

Is the water pouring out of the showers cold even when you’ve tapped for hot water? Is the water pouring a little too weak even when the knob has been turned all the way? When you’ve checked the water heater tank, are there puddles of water?

Water heater leaks are common, especially when the tank is relatively old. There are a bundle of reasons why a water heater could leak such as a broken drain valve, a loose pressure relief valve, corrosion damage, or others. Sometimes it could just be condensation playing tricks on you.

First determine if the cause of water puddles is plain condensation. Make sure the room isn’t humid and try to control the temperature of water coming into the heater tank. If condensation isn’t the cause and water is still continuously leaking then you’ll need to call plumbing services because the problem could require delicate adjustments.

This is crucial because even the slightest adjustment could send a water heater haywire. Plumbers will need to deal with the water heater, outside water sources, broken valves and pipes, and corrosion. Sometimes they might have to install new parts or a corrosion rod to prevent further damage from occurring.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

Clogged, overflowing drains are already problematic enough but when the issue arises in the bathroom you’ll want to rely on emergency plumbing repair services instead of handling it yourself. The mess could just get worse without the right tools and repair methods.

How toilets work is already pretty confusing for most people but just imagine how messy it could get if trying to fix the clog on your own just causes more dirty water to back up and overflow. The same can happen with clogged drains. Instead of letting the issue get any worse, immediately call on emergency plumbers.

Clogged drains and toilets are never as simple as they seem. Sometimes the problem could simply be caused by an object clogging the immediate pathway – such as collected tissue in the toilet or plastic in the kitchen pipes – but sometimes it could be far more serious.

Sometimes clogs are caused by broken pipes somewhere in the house, corrosion, or dirt build-up. Only hired plumbers will have the proper tools to detect and repair the problem without the fear of furthering the damage already done.

Frozen Water Pipes

For places located up north where the winter snow causes all sorts of problems, frozen pipes are just another Monday. 24 hour plumber services can be of great help, especially when the pipes have frozen over night and you’re no longer able to use the toilet or do the laundry.

Never attempt to heat the pipes on your own. This could lead to pipes cracking and shattering instead of thawing back to normal. Plumbers will know how to heat them normally as well as installing the proper insulation tools so they never freeze over again.

You may not even have frozen pipes but the moment autumn season peaks in, you still might want to call the professional plumbers. As mentioned, they can install tools that will keep your pipes well insulated, preventing freezing from happening.

Safety and Quality Plumbing Repairs

Emergency plumber repair services are there to keep you safe and to ensure that the repair jobs are done with the best possible quality. You don’t want to risk doing it on your own – someone could get hurt or the damage could just get worse. When in doubt, always rely on the professional plumbers to get the job done.