Bathroom Remodeling Planning Guide

bathroom remodeling guideBathrooms and kitchens give the homeowner the ability to create a showpiece for their home. These are the areas that  real estate buyers will focus on when looking for a new home.

This bathroom remodeling planning guide was designed to supply you with practical style concepts that are valuable in envisioning a new bathroom, dressing room or wash room. You may be planning a remodel of your aged bathroom or building it from the ground up.

Regardless of your scenario, you should first ask yourself a few questions to get an idea of how the space will be used and list any details you may want to include. Here are some basic points that you may want to consider. Let’s start with the basic questions:


Bathroom Remodeling


1) Where is the location of the bathroom?

2) Who will utilize it? Kids, friends and families, only you, or the entire household?

3) What are the components you would like to have?

(Shower cubicle, jets, tub, vanity etc).

4) Which parts of the bathroom do you plan on upgrading?

5) Is the lighting suitable?

6) What restroom furniture would you like to buy?

7) Will you need to find a professional plumber to do some of the work?


Start with first things first. Measure the bathroom area and make a rough sketch with the components you want to to change, and consider any repairs in case it’s a brand-new bathroom. This will assist you to determine the specific area you have to play with. Next, determine a reasonable budget plan. Even if you are thinking about renovating the plumbing system, estimate the costs, as it may be expensive. With the budgets and installations readily available, it will be much easier to come up with ideas. It could be a new vanity, shower enclosure or a a new jacuzzi; make sure you acknowledge the available space.

Modular bathrooms created in a small area are in style. There are more people looking for smaller bathrooms matched with contemporary amenities. With meticulous and creative thinking, you should manage to come up with items that you may want to add or include.

Tubs are available in various shapes and sizes to conserve your valuable space. You could get a deeper bath tub that conserves area around the foot-end or baths where you sit straight, minimizing the length. For bigger bathrooms, when you have a larger area accessible, you have less constraints. Estimate the room, the features and components you want to include. The saunas, bath desks and tubs are all possible, just work on it in a manner that assists the open space. Simply allow your ingenuity to work in your planning and design!


Modern restroom faucets may sound like the simplest to choose, however observe information like mounting (wall/sink) area and the material. If you currently have a faucet, you might desire to change the installation, which can add to the cost as it may require plumbing system work to be included. There are many options currently available in bathroom faucets.

Toilet Seats

Commode seats are available in various shapes and sizes. Relying on the offered space, you could choose from an option of elongated, spherical or corner seats. The elongated seat is fantastic for comfort, but focus on dimensions and information. You probably don’t want your hands touching the ground when seated. Additionally, for smaller sized washrooms, you can get one of those edge seats that saves area.


Sinks are available in varied forms, colors and sizes as well. They consists of wall-mounted, counter sinks in steel, glass, ceramic and a mix of add-ons and colors to match.

Contemporary bathroom furniture

Contemporary bathroom vanities deserve wonderful ratings on energy efficiency and features. Work on the storage room and sink sizes and shape very carefully. You can choose from  sinks that come in all sizes and shapes for marge or small bathrooms and in materials from premium wood to steel and glass.  Look for items  that work with  your bathroom motif.

A bathroom remodel can be enjoyable and tedious. Take your time and enjoy the process. Be creative and have fun!