You May Be Thinking That It’s Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling Your BathroomSo you have decided that it’s a great time to update your bathroom. Whether you’re preparing to market your home or you’ve simply decided your household requires a more updated space, there are several important decisions you should make before you start.

To start with, consider what needs to go. Are you remodeling because all of the fixtures, tub, shower, toilet and sink, are outdated? Or is there a specific area of the bathroom that doesn’t work for you currently? Perhaps the floor is outdated or peeling, or the mirrors are in inconvenient places, or you’d like to take out a closet or install some shelving. Before you start, pin down the exact things about your bathroom that require work. Don’t immediately assume you need to overhaul the entire room. You may be able to save yourself a few bucks by starting with the problem areas. If your bathroom seems too small, you probably will not need to tear out a wall. Perhaps you just need a pedestal sink versus a cabinet one

If you’re more than ready to just tear the entire thing up and start from scratch, you’ll have to make some decisions about what’s going to replace the existing fixtures. Take some measurements of your tub, sink and toilet, the replacements you’re considering, and the size of the room. Keep in mind that just because you want a claw foot bathtub does not mean you should have one- your bathroom may be too small for anything but a tub that fits closely into the wall. Draw some diagrams, and move things around until they seem to fit. But keep in mind that the layout of a bathroom is rather limited. The water pipes only come out of the walls in specific places, so unless you’re thinking about tearing up the walls and the plumbing, your toilet and shower will most likely stay where they are, even if you replace them with new ones.

Making decisions concerning what new items to buy is usually the easy part. Look into purchasing a low-flow toilet. If you haven’t had a brand new toilet in awhile, you may be amazed at the savings on your water bill once the new, water-saving model is installed. This is also a huge plus to potential buyers, who’ll relish the idea of saving on utilities every month.

Safety in the bathroom is also a consideration. Consider handles around your tub as well as a non-slip floor covering specifically designed for bathrooms. Many older bathrooms are lacking in safety features, and that is a draw back when it comes time to estimate a home’s value.

Remodeling your bathroom is going to be a job that requires some forethought. Whether you’re doing it to sell the home or for your family, it’s best to take space, safety, and convenience into consideration.¬†Your bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home, you should make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for you and your family.