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repipe specialistsWhen it comes to your home, you realize that the components of your house are subject to wear and tear. But you seldom think that the pipes in your plumbing would be affected. However, just like any other part or system in your home, the water lines sometimes need to be repaired or replaced.

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Throughout most of the country, copper piping is the original equipment for most homes. And when the copper pipes begin to fail, they are usually replaced with a new copper repiping. But in Florida, copper piping can have a short life span. The copper piping can be subject to corrosion which results in pin hole leaks. When these leaks occur in accessible areas, they can usually be repaired. But when they occur in inaccessible areas or under a concrete slab, they become a more serious matter.


Locating the Underground Leak

Some homeowners may be convinced to have a professional locate the leak in the slab, break open that section, and repair the single leak. This strategy may solve the one leak, but it also exposes that the plumbing is beginning to fail. So, once the single leak is repaired, the water pressure will move to the next weak spot in the pipe and possible create another leak.


Repiping is the Practical Option

The most cost effective approach would be to have the plumbing in your home replaced with new plumbing by your local repipe specialists. Repiping is much more cost effective than breaking open concrete in a slab and repairing the single leak, realizing that another leak may spring up again as a result of the failing piping.


Signs That You May Need A Complete Plumbing Pipe Replacement

Slab leaks are not the only signal that you may need a repipe. Other signs that you may have plumbing that needs replaced are:

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Rust Colored Water
  • Flushing a toilet causes you to get scalded in the shower
  • Other plumbing leaks


Repiping your home usually involves new piping installed overhead in the attic and most jobs can be completed in two days or sometimes less. In Florida, they usually would install CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) piping instead of copper plumbing because the CPVC is 100% corrosion resistant and is more energy efficient.

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