Drain Cleaning Services in Punta Gorda FL

A clogged drain can be more than just an inconvenience. A drain clog that goes uncleared can end up causing a water pipe to burst or causing water to leak inside your home. Getting your drains cleaned regularly is the best way to prevent an emergency later on. If you have noticed that your shower or tub water is draining more slowly than it used to there could be a clog somewhere in the pipe. Or if you have noticed that your sink isn’t draining as fast as it should, there could be clog where you can’t see it. Those clogs could cause hairline cracks in the pipes deep inside your home. Once those cracks start leaking water into your home that water could damage your home or even cause mold to grow.

How to Keep Drains Free of Clogs

Regular drain cleaning is essential to keeping your plumbing working correctly. But there are also things you can do to help keep your drains free of clogs like:

Use A Shower Strainer

There are small strainers that you can get that will fit neatly over the tub drain. They are inexpensive, and they are a fantastic way to prevent the shower or tub drain from becoming clogged with hair. Clean the strainer once a week to get rid of excess hair, and you will notice that your shower or tub drains quickly every time. Replace the strainer a couple of times during the year to make sure that it’s working properly.

Clean the Dishwasher Trap

There is small trap deep inside your dishwasher that is there to catch food particles and debris that is washed off your dishes and pots and pans. If you clean that regularly it will help prevent all that food from washing into your pipes and clogging the lines. You should also always rinse the dishes well with warm water before putting them in the dishwasher.
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Get Professional Help

If you see standing water or puddles of water under the dishwasher or washing machine or in the basement call a plumber immediately. Those puddles and trickles of water could mean that there is a clog somewhere. A plumber can examine the pipes to make sure that there are no clogs or leaks in the pipe that could cause more damage.

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