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What Causes A Plumbing Leak?

Plumbing leaks can be a major headache for homeowners. However, they are not always easy to diagnose by the home owner. Leak detection requires a professional expert plumber who is experienced with plumbing leak detection and offers water leak detection services. 

Water leaks may happen due to various conditions and scenarios. Bathroom and kitchen faucets often leak due to aging parts or issues with a particular model. The gaskets inside of washing machines hoses can fail over time causing a water leak. 

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Most Common Water Leaks In House

A clogged water line which leads to a buildup of pressure can lead to a burst pipe and a water leak also. A running toilet will waste water and qualifies as a leak. An old plumbing system experiencing corrosion or damaged pipes can also be a cause for a plumbing water leak. 

Slow Leak From Copper Pipe

A plumbing pipe leak will most likely occur when a water pipe (usually a copper pipe) develops a pinhole leak. This small crack can happen over time as a result of the soft copper reacting to the PH levels of the hard water.

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This can also be compounded when the copper pipes are in contact with the concrete when they are installed under the slab as most original plumbing systems were installed. These pinhole leaks can produce a steady stream of water over time, enough to cause damage. 

In addition, the pinhole leak has the potential to become larger with continued water flow which can further increase the possible damage and repair costs.

What Are The Signs Of A Plumbing Leak?

While it is possible for a plumbing leak to occur without you knowing, there are some common signs that indicate that you have a problem. Once any of these signs become apparent, it is important that you contact a plumber immediately so that the leak can be fixed as quickly as possible.

  • Increasing Water Bill 
  • Loss of Water Pressure
  • Evidence of Mold and/or Mildew
  • Water Stained Floors, Walls or Ceilings 
  • Water Meter That Is Running When No Water Is Being Used 
  • Visible Water or Dampness
  • Sound of Running Water

What Are My Options If The Leak Is Under The Slab

There are two ways that you can address a leak under the slab, Option A & Option B. But you first must understand the big picture regarding a water leak underneath the slab which is also called a slab leak.

When you are dealing with copper pipes and you develop a pinhole leak, this is the first sign that your copper plumbing system is beginning to fail.

Slab Leak Repair

If you decide to repair the individual pinhole leak by replacing that section of the copper piping, the water pressure will move to the next weakest link in the pipeline. This could be another pinhole leak that has just begun to emerge. Over time this new faulty section can develop into another growing leak that will again have to be addressed.

So, with a slab leak, if you decide to repair the individual pipe leak (Option A) it will be located under concrete. Once the leak is precisely located, the concrete will need to be jack hammered up to expose the area surrounding pipe and then the section of pipe containing the pinhole leak can be replaced and repaired.

The downside of this option, even though it would cost less than Option B, is that using a jack hammer inside of your home can be invasive and messy. In addition, the section of floor under the pipe will need to be filled with new concrete and the floor surface replaced (tile, wood, etc…).

Full House Repipe

Option B, even though it would be a larger investment, would make more sense in the long run of your home. Option B would be a full repipe of your home.

A repipe would mean that you are replacing all of the existing incoming water line pipes that enter your home. Removing all of the old piping (copper, galvanized, etc…) and replacing it with brand new pipes running overhead in your attic going to all of your existing fixtures (faucets, toilets, dishwashers, bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, washing machines, water heater, etc…)

There would be no concern over future pinhole leaks occurring or fixing leak after leak with Option A.

What should I do if I suspect that I have a leak?

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