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Why Knowing a Trusted Plumber is Important


Knowing you have a good relationship with a trusted plumber is a comforting thought. Your local plumber can help you keep your plumbing system updated and in good condition, and he can also come to the rescue if you have a major plumbing emergency like a burst pipe. Here are a few good reasons why it’s so important to know a local plumber who can assist you with plumbing repair:

According to insurance industry research, almost 98% of home basements in the U.S. will suffer some sort of water damage during their lifespan.

Faulty plumbing can be financially devastating. In fact, the average cost to fix the water damage from faulty plumbing is around $17,250, according to statistics.

Something as simple as a washing machine failure can cause almost $5,000 worth of water damage repair costs, according to insurance claims averages.

Seemingly small plumbing issues can cost you big over time: For example, a leaking 1/8” crack in a pipe will waste around 250 gallons of water every day.

Outdated or faulty plumbing in your home will make your insurance company consider you a high-risk customer, and you’ll pay more for your homeowner’s insurance.

Plumbing Problems That Require a Professional


Because the threat of water damage is so serious, most plumbing issues are best handled by an experienced plumber. Homeowners who try and tackle plumbing issues beyond their skill usually end up causing more harm than good. Here are some times you should always call a professional plumber:

If a major appliance like your hot water heater or your washing machine is leaking, always call a plumber. Water damage from these appliances can happen quickly and the cost to repair it can be overwhelming. For example, the average cost to repair water damage from a small internal leak in your water heater is a whopping $3,642, according to insurance industry statistics.

If your pipes freeze when temperatures drop, don’t resort to do-it-yourself thawing tactics like heating the pipe with a hair dryer. Often, this can make a pipe crack and burst, causing severe water damage in your home. Call a plumber to safely get your water running again.

Leaky pipes can cause a lot of damage and be difficult to fix. Always call a plumber if you have a leaking pipe so he can fix the problem quickly. Sometimes leaks happen inside your walls or outside of your home where they can be hard to detect. Some signs of hidden leaks in your home are decreased water pressure, unexplained mold and mildew or a musty smell. If you suspect an outside leak, you’ll need a professional to perform slab leak detection.

If you purchase an older home, it’s essential that you contact your plumber to assess the state of its plumbing. Often, older homes have plumbing that’s damaged, not up-to-code or downright dangerous. You may need extensive repairs or even a complete repipe service.

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